BioProtect 500 Antimicrobial

KEY USES: Treat any surfaces to provide long lasting and persistent protection against bacteria.

  • Creates a barrier on surfaces, continuously protecting those surfaces against bacteria
  • EPA Registered
  • Water-based, no toxins
  • Non-leaching

Product Highlights

+ Persistent antimicrobial protection
+ Prevents the creation of Superbugs
+ Reduces Odors
+ Non-leaching
+ Does not migrate
+ 4 EPA Registrations
+ 3 Issued Patents & 3 Provisional Patents

+ Pending FDA Device Master file

BioProtect is an EPA registered antimicrobial formula that provides long lasting protection against harmful microbes including bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast.  BioProtect’s technology is unique compared to all other antimicrobial products on the market. It is a water based surface protectant that forms a long lasting bond with the substrate and inhibits the microbial growth on all applied surfaces.

BioProtect kills microbes by piercing and rupturing the cell membrane of each microbe. This kill method prevents microbes from mutating and becoming resistant to BioProtect, so no antimicrobial resistant strains or superbugs are created.

BioProtect’s molecular spikes carry a positive charge that attracts the negatively charged bacteria. Once attracted, the molecular spikes pierce the cell rupturing its cell membrane and the bacterial microorganism dies.

BioProtect FAQ

Traditional antimicrobial products work by penetrating living cells and killing using toxic chemicals in a process called leaching. This outdated method was designed to work rapidly and disappear quickly to avoid harming those in contact with the product.

BioProtect’s antimicrobial technology takes a completely different approach. Instead of delivering poison to kill microbes, it produces self-assembling monolayers that form a durable killing field that protects all coated surfaces from microbial attachment and colonization. This technology kills by mechanically piercing and rupturing the cell membrane of each microbe. This prevents mutation, therefore no antimicrobial resistant strains or superbugs are ever created…


BioProtect Triclosan
Silver Ion
Kill Method Non-Leaching
Kills by rupturing cell membrane of each microbe
Uses poison to kill microbes
Uses ions to disrupt cell processes and kill microbes
Superbug Prevention YES NO NO
Cost $
Safety Safe for humans and the environment

No poison, toxic chemicals or heavy metals are used

in 2016, FDA banned use of triclosan in antibacterial products Can cause permanent skin discoloration