Healthy Industries Program

Wells Pro-Health Solutions proudly provides  a broad range of products and services associated with the control of indoor air quality, with particular emphasis on the diagnosis, control and management of bacterial/microbial contamination.

The Healthy Industries Program (HIP), featuring the BioProtect antimicrobial technology, was developed to protect the health of all individuals within your facilities.

The  implementation  of  the  ​Healthy Industries Program (HIP)  can  minimize  the  risk of hazards  associated with bacteria and microbes for your staff, customers, students and buildings by controlling the growth of contaminants and pathogens.

The keystone of HIP is the application of the BioProtect antimicrobial technology. This proprietary technology  is  a  non-volatile,  non-toxic  and  non-leaching  formula  that  utilizes  a  unique  surface  modifying technology to impart a safe and lasting antimicrobial bond to treated surfaces. It is specifically  registered  with  the  Environmental  Protection  Agency  for  treatment  of  indoor  and  outdoor porous and nonporous surfaces (EPA No. ​87583-2).

Conventional antimicrobial formulas are designed to kill microorganisms by poisoning the cell. This kill  method  is  leaching and also allows for the cell to adapt and grow immunity helping to create  what are known as superbugs, while leaving NO residual protection. Our technology, BioProtect antimicrobial  formula  is  non-leaching  and  kills  microorganisms  by  puncturing and disintegrating  the cell on contact, while leaving months of residual protection and inhibits the creation of superbugs. BioProtect works persistently and protects against a remarkable array of bacteria and pathogens.

The  ​Healthy  Industries  Program  (HIP)  takes  a  holistic  approach  to  creating  a  clean,  hypoallergenic home using our unique, patented antimicrobial formula.


OUR GOAL: A healthy stable environment for you and your employees

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